We are...

...more than a company, we are a family.

  • a successful family business since 1985
  • high demands from our customers is our passion
  • trained, qualified and motivated employees
  • we live with each other and solidarity
  • technical, ecological, economic duty
  • a secure job is important to us
  • innovative, future-oriented

Performance & service

„Service means seeing the whole business through the eyes of the customer.“

The transport of goods is always a matter of trust. We deliver your products flexibly, quickly and on time throughout Europe with precision landing. Therefore, you get the best planning security for your logistics chain. To do this, we rely on our modern vehicle fleet and video-monitored warehouses on the one hand, and on our competent and motivated employees on the other.

Whatever your needs, we transport your freight as a full, partial or collective load and pick according to your specifications.
We keep your temperature-sensitive products in ours for a long time modern freshness store until everything is ready for rapid transport to the destination.

Good news if you, as an environmentally conscious company, rely on CO²-neutrality. With us as a certified climate-neutral company, your climate-neutrality remains throughout the entire transport chain.

Fresh logistics

„Your goods - at the right time - in the right place“

Nöbauer Transport und Logistic Seekirchen Fresh logistics
  • In the field of food or flower logistics, we organize temperature-controlled full and group loads on a daily basis.
  • IFS certified logistics
  • Transport solutions for all of Europe
  • Lived, strong, large partner network
  • Video-monitored warehouses


With our network for complete and collective transports in Europe, which is tailored to the needs of the pharmaceutical industry, we offer you temperature-controlled transport solutions in land transport throughout Europe.

We supply you flexibly and quickly with individual and needs-oriented GDP transport solutions! Here we rely on our own equipment and an established network. Our own logistics parks, together with the GDP hubs of our partners at all traffic hubs, form an unbeatable high-performance network for the distribution of your pharmaceutical products!

Nöbauer Transport and Logistic Seekirchen Pharma


Nöbauer Transport and Logistic Seekirchen Transport

Every customer is so important to us as if he were the only one! Dates are not a requirement for us, but a matter of course.

True to our motto:
Always a precision landing!

We travel all over Europe for our customers. Transports are organized flexibly, quickly and with experienced partners - we are the right logistics partner for you!

Warehouse logistics


Our fresh food store, divided into 5 parcels, is specially designed for the storage of particularly temperature-sensitive goods. Whether for pharmaceuticals, fruit, vegetables and food assortments.


The main advantage of cross-docking is the bundling effect. Picked and unpicked goods from several shippers are delivered to our warehouse. After picking, these goods are delivered to the individual destinations in full loads.

Nöbauer Transport und Logistic Seekirchen warehouse logistics


„Quality is when the customers come back and not the goods.“

Quality logistics with IFS certification

Your sensitive food and non-food items reach every destination quickly, safely and CO² -neutral, our experienced employees at Nöbauer Transport & Logistic ensure that. We go even further and submit to the strict rules of IFS certification from the Main Association of German Retailers (HDE). The quality of your products is thus guaranteed at every step of your logistics chain.

Clearly structured processes ensure that the cold chain is safely maintained from loading to delivery. This is ensured by our efficient processes, regular training of our employees and independent audits for monitoring and compliance with food regulations. In addition, as a climate-neutral company, we offset our CO² footprint through ecological projects and a modern vehicle fleet. Everything so that your goods arrive on time and safely.

GDP certification for safe pharmaceutical transport

All of our pharmaceutical shipments follow the strict guidelines of the EU guideline for good distribution practice for human pharmaceuticals (Good Distribution Practice - GDP). Our certification as GDPprofessional gives you the assurance that our processes reliably maintain the quality and integrity of pharmaceuticals.

You can rely on us that our vehicles are suitable and equipped for the transport and storage of healthcare and pharmaceutical products. Your temperature specifications will also be strictly adhered to during the loading and unloading processes. In addition, we act as a sustainable company that offsets CO² emissions through ecological compensation projects. Book our experienced team for more transparency, sustainability and reliability in your supply chain.

Certification as a climate neutral company

Environmental awareness and a neutral CO² footprint are a first step, but we want more. Every freight that you store with us will be transported CO2 neutral promoted to your destination. We also invest in sustainability and lasting ecological values.

Fokus-Zukunft has certified us as a climate-neutral company because we follow a strict action plan for CO² reduction, with which we offset all of our climate-relevant emissions. This applies to our vehicle fleet, all buildings, the energy for operation as well as secondary emissions that arise in the production of consumables and on our employees' commutes.


Nöbauer Scan App

App for scanning and sending delivery notes from
Nöbauer Transport and Logistic - available for iOS and Android.

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Green Future

Our focus is on the consistent implementation of environmentally friendly and sustainable transport and logistics concepts as well as the conscious focus on environmentally-oriented process management. We face our ecological responsibility in our day-to-day business throughout the company. In doing so, we continuously orientate ourselves towards future-oriented technological developments and changes in economic framework conditions.

100% green electricity

Further development towards paperless transport

neutral CO² balance

“Focus Future” certifies that we will be a climate-neutral company in 2021


Nöbauer Transport und Logistik Seekirchen building
  • CO² neutral cold store
  • Energy supply with green electricity and photovoltaics, air heat pump for hot water and geothermal energy for heating and cooling the individual cold rooms
  • 7000m² area based on the latest technology
  • Commercial premises with security concept and video surveillance

Vehicle fleet

  • most modern fleet with "Euro 6" vehicles
  • Refrigerated box saddle with GMP certificate and permanent temperature monitoring with logging
  • Vehicle fleet with GPS monitoring
  • state-of-the-art safety assistance systems and much more
Nöbauer Transport and Logistic Seekirchen vehicle fleet


„We don't just talk about it, we live it!“

Nöbauer Transport and Logistic digitalization
  • self-developed ScannApp with QR code for delivery notes, unloading reports, loading lists, etc.
  • ScanApp with QR code for incoming goods upon storage
  • Video-monitored business premises
  • Digital workflow